1: Introduction Discover the reasons behind your constant facial swelling and how to address it effectively.

2: Allergies Learn how allergies can cause facial swelling and ways to manage symptoms.

3: Sinusitis Explore how sinusitis can lead to facial swelling and treatment options available.

4: Infections Understand how infections can contribute to facial swelling and steps to take for recovery.

5: Medication Side Effects Find out how certain medications may result in facial swelling and preventive measures.

6: Dehydration Learn how dehydration can lead to facial swelling and the importance of staying hydrated.

7: Dental Issues Discover how dental problems can cause facial swelling and ways to maintain oral health.

8: Lymphatic System Understand the role of the lymphatic system in facial swelling and strategies to support it.

9: When to Seek Help Find out when to consult a healthcare professional for persistent facial swelling for proper diagnosis and treatment.