1: Simone Biles, gymnastics icon, makes history with Yurchenko double pike vault.

2: Biles' extraordinary move now officially named after her at world championships.

3: Spectators awe-struck as Biles effortlessly completes the daring Yurchenko double pike.

4: Biles' fearless and innovative vault cements her status as a gymnastics legend.

5: Biles' impact on the sport celebrated with naming of the move after her.

6: World Championships witness Biles' groundbreaking Yurchenko double pike vault.

7: Biles pushes boundaries of gymnastics with unprecedented Yurchenko double pike.

8: Gymnastics world abuzz as Biles stuns with flawless execution of iconic vault.

9: Biles' Yurchenko double pike vault sets a new standard for excellence in gymnastics.