1: "Suits Returns with a New Spinoff Series" Get ready for an exciting new chapter in the Suits universe with the upcoming spinoff series.

2: "1. What is the new spinoff series about?" The spinoff series will follow Jessica Pearson as she navigates the world of Chicago politics.

3: "2. Which characters can we expect to see in the spinoff?" Fans can look forward to seeing familiar faces like Louis Litt and Harvey Specter make appearances.

4: "3. Will the spinoff series have the same drama as Suits?" Yes, the spinoff promises to deliver the same level of drama and excitement as the original series.

5: "4. When will the spinoff series premiere?" The spinoff series is set to premiere in the upcoming television season.

6: "5. How many episodes will the spinoff series have?" The spinoff series is expected to have a shorter episode count compared to Suits.

7: "6. Who is behind the creation of the spinoff series?" Aaron Korsh, the creator of Suits, is also behind the creation of the spinoff series.

8: "7. Where can fans watch the spinoff series?" Fans can catch the spinoff series on [network/streaming platform].

9: "8. What can fans expect from the new spinoff series?" Fans can expect a fresh take on the Suits universe with new characters and storylines.