1: NCIS fans were stunned when Ziva returned; many had already guessed her survival. What other twists can viewers expect?

2: Gibbs' departure shocked fans, but many had sensed his exit. Will new characters bring more surprises?

3: The McGee and Delilah storyline was foreshadowed; how will their relationship evolve in the upcoming spinoff?

4: Bishop's secret double life was hinted at by fans. How will this play out in the upcoming series?

5: Torres' mysterious past was predicted by many. Will his secrets finally be revealed in the new show?

6: Fans were quick to predict Kasie as Ducky's successor. Will her role expand in the upcoming NCIS spinoff?

7: Jimmy's promotion was long overdue, predicted by many fans. What new challenges will he face in the future?

8: The return of old faces like Tony and Abby was anticipated by fans. How will their stories intertwine in the spinoff?

9: With rumors of a Ziva-Tony reunion, fans are eagerly waiting for more twists and turns in the upcoming NCIS spinoff.