1: "Netflix Viewers Spooked" Some viewers find Netflix films so terrifying that they switch off in just two minutes.

2: "Scary Movie Turn-Off" The fear factor on Netflix is causing some viewers to bail out within minutes of starting a film.

3: "Netflix Fear Factor" Scary movies on Netflix are proving too much for some viewers who quickly hit pause.

4: "Two-Minute Terror" Netflix fans are turning off movies within minutes due to the fright factor.

5: "Instant Chills" The terror is real for Netflix viewers who can't handle the fear and switch off quickly.

6: "Horror Movie Hassle" Some viewers are finding Netflix horror films too intense to watch beyond two minutes.

7: "Netflix Fright Fest" The scare factor on Netflix is driving some viewers away after mere minutes.

8: "Panic at the Play Button" Netflix viewers are hitting pause within minutes of starting a scary movie.

9: "Quick Quits" Fearful fans are turning off Netflix movies after only two minutes due to the intensity.