1: Harvey Specter's favorite whisky Harvey Specter chooses Macallan 18 as his top pick. With its smooth and rich flavor, it's no wonder this whisky is his go-to choice for celebrations and victories.

2: Don Draper's go-to whisky Don Draper is known for his love of Canadian Club whisky. The smooth and versatile taste of this whisky makes it the perfect choice for this suave ad man.

3: James Bond's preferred whisky James Bond always opts for a vodka martini, but when it comes to whisky, he enjoys Macallan 18. Its complex flavors and luxurious finish match his sophisticated palate.

4: Ron Swanson's whisky of choice Ron Swanson's favorite whisky is Lagavulin 16. With its smoky and peaty notes, this whisky perfectly complements his rugged and manly persona.

5: Tyrion Lannister's beloved whisky Tyrion Lannister's top pick is Dalmore 18. This rich and indulgent whisky reflects his luxurious and extravagant lifestyle in the world of "Game of Thrones."

6: Olivia Pope's favorite whisky Olivia Pope prefers Blanton's Single Barrel bourbon. Its smooth and sophisticated taste matches her elegant and powerful character in the hit TV show "Scandal."

7: Frank Underwood's whisky choice Frank Underwood enjoys a glass of Wild Turkey 101 bourbon. Its bold and intense flavor mirrors his ruthless and ambitious nature in "House of Cards."

8: Don Draper's Canadian Club Don Draper's signature drink is Canadian Club whisky. The smooth and classic taste of this whisky perfectly reflects his cool and collected demeanor in "Mad Men."

9: Harvey Specter's Macallan 18 Harvey Specter's top whisky choice is Macallan 18. Its refined and sophisticated flavor matches his impeccable taste and successful lawyer image in "Suits."