1: Blue Bloods stars Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan finally speak out about the emotional series finale.

2: After years of playing dedicated cops, Wahlberg and Moynahan reflect on their time on the beloved show.

3: Fans were left reeling after the shocking conclusion of Blue Bloods' final episode.

4: The dynamic duo shares their thoughts on the show's legacy and the impact it had on viewers.

5: Wahlberg and Moynahan express gratitude for the support from fans throughout the series' run.

6: As the cast bids farewell, Wahlberg and Moynahan open up about their emotional goodbyes.

7: The talented actors reveal their favorite memories from working on the hit police drama.

8: Despite the sadness of saying goodbye, Wahlberg and Moynahan are excited for what's next in their careers.

9: Blue Bloods' finale may have been bittersweet, but Wahlberg and Moynahan are grateful for the unforgettable experience.