1: 1. Wash fruits thoroughly under running water. 2. Soak fruits in a mixture of water and vinegar. 3. Use a fruit and vegetable brush to scrub off chemicals. 4. Peel fruits whenever possible. 5. Buy organic fruits to avoid pesticides.

2: 1. Be cautious when buying fruits from local markets. 2. Opt for fruits with thicker skins. 3. Use baking soda to remove pesticides residue. 4. Rinse fruits with salt water solution. 5. Try using a commercial fruit and vegetable wash.

3: 1. Choose fruits with fewer chemicals. 2. Remove outer leaves and skins of fruits. 3. Avoid using bleach or other harsh chemicals. 4. Use a clean cloth to wipe off residues. 5. Look for fruits labeled as pesticide-free.

4: 1. Store fruits in a well-ventilated area. 2. Keep fruits away from direct sunlight. 3. Avoid exposure to high temperatures. 4. Wash hands before handling fruits. 5. Dispose of fruit peels properly.

5: 1. Consider investing in a water filter. 2. Purchase a produce washing machine. 3. Support local farmers who use fewer chemicals. 4. Use a fruit and vegetable sanitizer. 5. Dry fruits thoroughly after washing.

6: 1. Create a homemade fruit and vegetable cleaner. 2. Use lemon juice as a natural cleanser. 3. Steam fruits to remove chemicals. 4. Boil water and soak fruits for a few minutes. 5. Conduct a taste test before consuming.

7: 1. Follow proper food safety guidelines. 2. Rotate fruits in your diet. 3. Mix fruits with other foods to dilute chemicals. 4. Grow your own fruits organically. 5. Seek professional advice on removing chemicals.

8: 1. Educate yourself on the dangers of pesticides. 2. Support legislation for stricter pesticide regulations. 3. Spread awareness about pesticide contamination. 4. Work towards promoting organic farming practices. 5. Encourage others to take steps in reducing chemical exposure.

9: 1. Remember, removing chemicals from fruits takes time. 2. Be patient and persistent in your efforts. 3. Prioritize your health by choosing safer fruits. 4. Share these tips with family and friends. 5. Together, we can create a healthier future.