1: Improve digestion with Cat-Cow pose. Inhale for Cow, arching your back. Exhale for Cat, rounding it. Vinyasa between the two for relief.

2: Happy Baby pose opens the hips and massages the stomach. Lie on your back and grab your feet, keeping your spine flat on the mat.

3: Seated Twist pose detoxifies and improves digestion. Sit cross-legged, twist to the right, and gaze over your right shoulder. Repeat on the left.

4: Revolved Triangle pose stimulates digestion and detoxifies the body. Start in a forward fold, step back with one leg, and twist.

5: Combine these poses in a sequence for optimal digestion. Start with Cat-Cow, then move into Happy Baby, Seated Twist, and Revolved Triangle.

6: Practice these poses regularly for a healthy digestive system. Focus on deep breaths and proper alignment to maximize their benefits.

7: Yoga can aid digestion through gentle movements and stretches. Incorporate these poses into your routine for optimal results.

8: Maintain a balanced diet and stay hydrated to support your digestive health. Pair these yoga poses with healthy habits for overall wellness.

9: Consult a yoga instructor for guidance on proper form and modifications. Enjoy the benefits of these poses for improved digestion and well-being.