1: Revolved Chair Pose: Twist and detoxify your digestive system with this seated pose.

2: Child's Pose: A gentle stretch to relieve bloating and promote healthy digestion.

3: Cat-Cow Pose: Improve digestion and relieve stomach discomfort with this flowing movement.

4: Seated Spinal Twist: Stimulate digestive organs and ease bloating with a gentle twist.

5: Bridge Pose: Strengthen the core and improve digestion with this energizing backbend.

6: Downward Facing Dog: Boost circulation and aid digestion in this rejuvenating pose.

7: Warrior II Pose: Improve digestion and reduce stress in this empowering stance.

8: Tree Pose: Enhance balance and aid digestion with this grounding yoga pose.

9: Corpse Pose: Relax and allow for optimal digestion in this calming pose.